Velodrome Rules of Conduct

Safety and etiquette 

Riding a velodrome track includes an unavoidable element of risk. We at The Sylvan Adams National Velodrome do everything in our power to keep track cycling risk to an absolute minimum.    

For the safety and well-being of everyone involved, riders are required to adhere by the following guidelines and instructions at all times. 

The National Sports Center reserves the right to stop riders, and to suspend and even cancel membership for riders who become a danger to themselves and others by disregarding safety instructions. 



Professional, authorized coaches are present at the velodromes during all open hours. Their roles are as follows: 

  • To conduct and manage various classes and courses 
  • To provide feedback for the riders in order to improve riders’ skills and fitness 
  • To make sure safety is properly maintained at all times 


 Riders at the velodrome are expected to respect coaches’ instructions, feedback and remarks. If the need arises, issues may be taken up with head coaches at a later time. 


Rules for riders 

A special set of rules has been developed and put in place, ensuring the safety of all riders at the velodrome. These rules relate to the following aspects of riding our tracks. 



  • Two layers of clothing are recommended 
  • Changing of clothing items is to be dome off the track 
  • Shoulders must not be exposed while riding (which includes triathlon clothing)
  • Shirts’ and jerseys’ pockets must be empty while riding (lockers are available for tent)
  • Warm, dry clothes are recommended when not riding

Shoes, helmets, gloves, and accessories   

  • Always wear sucks to avoid sores and rashes 
  • Cleats must be clean and in good overall condition 
  • When using rented bikes, make sure your cleats are compatible with Shimano road pedals
  • Riding shoes need to be takes off before accessing bathrooms and showers 
  • Helmets must be worn, fastened and closed at all times while riding/ being at the center of he velodrome 
  • Helmets that include accessories from any kind (flashlights, cameras etc.) are strictly forbidden for use at the velodrome.    
  • Gloves are recommended for better grip, handling sweat at protection in case of a fall
  • Watches (including fitness watches) and jewelry are best not worn while track cycling. 

Food& drink 

  • Foods and drinks are not allowed in the safety zone (‘apron’)
  • Chewing gums are prohibited in all areas of the velodrome
  • Riders are requested to keep eating to a minimum in the velodrome. 


  • Only clean, well taken care off track bikes are allowed in the velodrome. It is rider’s responsibility to make sure their bikes are fit for use. 
  • When coming to the velodrome for the first time, ask the coach in attendance to make sure your bikes agree with the velodrome’s requirements for safety.
  • Riders must refrain from riding their bikes outside the velodrome before entering it. 

While riding 

  • Do not stop pedaling at all times 
  • Look over right shoulder when going on the track, and over left shoulder when going off
  • Avoid sudden direction and position changes, unless instructed to
  • When spotting a slowing rider ahead do not slow but pass them on the right
  • Overtaking riders only on the outside (on the right of them), unless specifically instructed otherwise   
  • Pay attention to coaches’ instructions at all times 
  • In case of a doubt while riding, get off the track and consult the coach 
  • Tired and fatigued riders need to get off the track and rest until refreshed 
  • In case of an accident, ride above it and await further instructions 
  • Roding in forbidden on center area of the velodrome 
  • Riding up and down the track is strictly forbidden 


Broad velodrome etiquette  

  • No spitting or nose-wiping on the track or center area
  • Overall respect for fellow riders and staff
  • Foul language in all areas of the velodrome is not only frowned upon, it may also lead to a being asked to leave
  • Special courtesy (and space) is to be extended to new and inexperienced riders 
  • In anything is out of order, please inform one of the coaches in attendance