Track Initiation

To make sure new riders are fit enough to safely enjoy the velodrome track, a minimal ability level has been defined. The 4-phase track initiation, which includes a race, ensures riders are velodrome-ready. 

At the Sylvan Adams National Velodrome, riders’ safety is a major concern. Due to the relative intensity of track racing, the velodrome’s staff make sure each new rider taking part in any of our activities is familiar with the track and ready. Track initiation is required for participating in open hours, advances courses, classes and races. 

Track initiation includes 4 phases, each focusing on a particular skillset required in track racing. In case of failing any of the 4 phases, the rider can sign up again for that phase, till track initiation is successfully completed in full. 

having successfully completed track initiation, riders can become members and sign up for velodrome activities and purchase multiple entry tickets.  

A clear set of parameters defines success in each phase, which mainly revolve around safety for both the rider and those riding near them.


Track Initiation Phase 1

taster session

Duration: 1 hour 

This purpose of this phase is getting riders used to track bikes, which are brakeless and gearless, or fixie, in biking jargon. Additionally, riders will get to the feel of the wood surface of the velodrome. 

Bicycle pedals with straps take some getting used to as well, and as part of this phase riders will learn how get on and off the bike comfortably, and how to use the railing when stopping. 

Riders will also learn how to control their bikes in all parts of the track, allowing them to gradually gain speed and confidence.

Parameters of success:

  • Understanding basic bike operation 
  • Getting on/off the bicycle unassisted and safely  
  • Starting and stopping safely by using the railing 
  • Situational awareness 
  • Steadily and safely maintaining position relative to the blue line throughout the track 
  • Controlling speed by correctly using track geometry 
  • Smooth riding in line while maintaining a maximum one bike length gap


Track Initiation Phase 2

skill enhancement

Duration: 1 hour 

Having successfully completed track initiation phase 1, riders proceed to phase 2, designed to further develop track riding skills. As part of phase 2, rider will gain better control of their bicycle, learning to keep a distance of 1 meter from the rider in front while riding in a small group. Getting a better control of speed, distance and gaps from other riders, the 2nd phase of track initiation will get you a step closer to the actual experience of a velodrome track in real-life.

Parameters of success:

  • Maintaining a distance of 1 meter from the bicycle in front of you
  • Controlling speed without toe overlap or pedal kickback
  • Staying focused and communicative at all times
  • Holding a line safely riding the upper section of the track less than 1 meter from the rail
  • Switching safely and efficiently from first to last position in a column in half a lap
  • Riding safely in a duo above the blue line


Track Initiation Phase 3

initiation complete

Duration: 2 hours

Having completed track initiation phases 1&2 successfully, riders may sign up to phase 3, in which advanced track riding skills are practiced, enabling riders to take better advantages of the unique features of the velodrome. 

Building greater confidence riding in groups, in this phase riders practice changing places from first to last in a 15-rider column through half a lap between the black and red lines. Changing places while riding in two columns, one above the black line and another above the red line is also practiced, with riders taught to make the switch safely in half a lap.  

By this phase, riders are expected to be able to ride close to other riders and move up and down the lanes at predetermined spots around the track.

Parameters of success:

  • Maintaining a distance of 0.5 meters from the bicycle in front of you
  • Switching safely and efficiently from first to last position in a column in half a lap above the black line
  • Changing places in pairs safely above the blue line in 1 lap
  • Safe start and stop by the (upper) rail
  • Riding in group of 4-5 while and switching places safely
  • Maintaining a straight line safely and efficiently while sprinting off saddle next to other riders
  • Adequate level of basic skills


Track Initiation Phase 4

advanced skills

Duration: 2 hours

Once the first 3 phases of track initiation have been successfully completed, it’s time to move on to the exciting phase 4, which includes simulated races of different kinds, allowing riders to experience the thrill firsthand. 

During the simulated races, riders will be expected to maintain short, competitive distances from other riders, and to conduct themselves safely at all times.

Parameters of success:

  • Overall ability to ride safely and effectively, including in race environments
  • A demonstrated ability to act according to instructions in a timely fashion
  • Showing confidence riding safely and effectively while making decision fast and responsively

Speedy track initiation available for 750 NIS