Common Questions

Sundays to Saturdays, from 06:00 in the morning until 22:00 at night. Please note that not all hours are open to the general public here (link to the hours system)

Normally, riders must by 12 years or older to ride the velodrome and participate in different classes and courses. In addition to a minimal age requirement, riders must demonstrate safe and confident cycling abilities to ride the velodrome. An exception to this rule: special classes and school courses that could accept riders age 9 years or older.

All track bicycles are allowed in the velodrome (on condition that they are clean, well taken care of and used only in a velodrome)

Riders must a) never stop paddling, b) keep a high speed through curves, and, c) never change lanes without making sure it can be done safely – namely you are not being overtaken and another rider is not too close to allow you to change lanes safely.

The same as outside. Dress as you would for an outdoor ride.

Riding cloths, a towel (or two, if you plan on showering at the velodrome), riding shoes and a helmet. Forgot anything? No sweat. You’ll be able to rent it in site.

There is no need for a professional anything to ride the velodrome, just the suitable clothing and gear for track cycling. Things riders should be pedantic about include:

  1. A helmet (that fits and is well fastened, and does not have a bill or chin protection)
  2. Two layers of clothing, especially for upper body
  3. For comfort, use padded pants/tights designed for bicycle riding
  4. In the velodrome, shoes are strapped to pedals at all times. If you have your own shoes and pedals, bring them with you. If you still don’t have riding shoes and pedals – a pair of sneakers will do. In this case, we will provide the necessary straps and pedals.
  5. Wear gloves
  6. For safety, we recommend sports glasses with bright lenses

For safety reasons, and to protect the surface, cameras of any kind are not allowed on track

Yes, on condition that it will not hit the surface in case of a fall. Ask our staff for advice on how best to strap a ride calculator to your bicycle.

No. cellphones, like similar devices that may distract riders are strictly forbidden.

Yes. Special cages for storing bikes are available for rent on site.

Beginners those unexperienced in track cycling, a track initiation program will cover all bases, providing riders the skills to take advantage the velodrome track.

While knowing how to ride a bicycle is necessary, everything else depends on personal taste and preference. This is why track initiation always starts with a taster session, allowing riders to experience track cycling in the most calm and reassuring way. Having gone through the taster session, most riders will know if they want to go on and complete the full 4 phases of track initiation.

Great! This will speed things up. Is you can provide a certification from another velodrome, a short taster session will be enough to acquaint you to the Sylvan Adams National Velodrome. If you don’t have that – that’s ok too: just sign up for a one-day, fast track initiation.

All riders in the velodrome must first complete the track initiation program before being able to participate in the different activities.

Our track initiation program was designed specifically to provide newcomers the knowledge and skills required for riding the velodrome track. Given by certified trainers, track initiation in done in groups of 16 riders. Visit the track initiation page for more details.