Accessibility statement

The site is in an advanced access process, for your convenience the site is temporarily accessible

We see great importance in providing an equal service to all surfers, and to this end, many efforts have been invested in making this site accessible. The purpose of accessibility is to make the site accessible, convenient and user-friendly for people with disabilities. The content of the site is written in simple and clear language. The site was designed with awareness and adjustment for surfers and customers with visual impairments. You can navigate easily and quickly, by moving tabs between the buttons, and arrow keys to scroll up and down. Website enlargement and reduction is provided through the browsers. You can reach the various pages of the site using the rulers and by clicking on the “Site Map” button.
We will continue to maintain and improve the level of accessibility on the site. If you encounter an accessibility problem on the site, we will be happy if you update us and act to correct it. We would be happy to receive any response, idea and suggestion regarding accessibility. Email for inquiries regarding site accessibility: