What is a Velodrome?

A velodrome is an elliptical bicycle track, usually 150-500 meters in length. Surfaced with timber, synthetics, concrete, macadam or cinder, velodromes are designed for sport cycling using track bicycles. Typically, a velodrome track has two straights and two 180° curves, with banking steepness directly related to track length: the smaller that track, the steeper the banking. A 250 meter track (the Olympic standard), banks around 45°. A variety of cycling events take place in a velodrome: sprint, Keirin, points, Madison and more. Suitable for riders of all levels, velodromes offer an exhilarating, safe and satisfying sport cycling experience.

Velodrome Bikes

Velodrome bicycles, also known as track bicycles, have no gears or breaks. Power from the pedals goes directly to the rear wheel via a chain, with the pedals providing the only means of breaking as well. Keeping wight to a minimum, track bikes allow high-level riders to go 80kph or oven faster. Superelevation is achieved when the speed is sufficient for the rider to travel perpendicular to the surface.

Track Initiation

Learn how to ride

Experience class // Track certification // Advanced certification

Learn to compete

Introduction to competitions // Endurance training // Sprint training

Young riders

Experience // Learn to ride // Classes

Getting Started

The velodrome is open all days of the week and suitable for riders age 8 and older. Track bikes can be rented on site, and there are two ways to start


Taster session

Two hours of getting to know the basics of track bikes and riding an Olympic velodrome. Participants learn rules of conduct and how to remain safe while at the velodrome while getting familiar with the unique features of track bikes. 

Initial track riding skills are acquired, including handling fixies (fixed gear bikes), bicycle control, riding beakless, riding the track and overtaking. 

Sessions include: 

  • Getting on and off and stopping track bikes safely 
  • Track areas, coming on and off the track safely, individual and group riding and related terminology
  • The different race format, which will be tried out based of riders’ skills
  • A competition and individual time trials 
  • Taster sessions are open to riders of all levels.


Track initiation

Track Initiation consists of 4 phases, each focusing on a particular skillset required in track racing, from the most basic aspects of track bikes and riding a velodrome to advanced riding skills.  

Success in all 4 phases in demanded as part of a successful Track Initiation, which means that in case of failing any of the 4 phases, it must be taken again, till track initiation is successfully completed in full. Failing phases, though, happens exceedingly rarely, as our staff do their absolute best to provide riders with the skills and confidence needed for success.

Having successfully completed track initiation, riders can become members and sign up for velodrome activities and purchase multiple entry tickets. 

Getting to the velodrome

Pointers and tips